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Frequently Asked Questions


What does an engagement look like?

A typical engagement does not really exist as each client’s needs are so specific. However, we typically spend time on the front end of each client engagement scoping out the parameters of the research request to make certain we are focusing our efforts in the most relevant areas of interest to the client. Once this scope has been addressed, we conduct research into the topical areas of interest to the client and then set about creating the parameters of the research request. The data is then run through our big data tool. Depending on the type of report requested, the specific data metrics are assessed and then analyzed. If expert validation has been requested, we then go about connecting with relevant experts from around the world to share our results and obtain their feedback. We then compile all of the relevant secondary and primary data into an interactive report which is then delivered to the client. All data collected for the report is posted to a password protected website for 24/7 access by the client.

What are your fees?

Every engagement represents a custom research effort so it is impossible to provide an estimate without learning more about the specific needs of the client and the scope of the research effort. Generally, we provide a “not-to-exceed” amount for each engagement so the client knows exactly the amount they are committing to each engagement.

Do you have a sample report or dataset we can access?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for access to a sample set of data.

What if the project requires additional work beyond what was originally quoted?

We provide a “Not-to-Exceed” figure for all engagements. If the client substantially alters the scope of the original proposal, there may be a need for additional re-scoping but this rarely happens.

Do you work for multiple companies in the same industry?

Currently, we do perform work for companies in similar industries but not for direct competitors. Exclusive engagements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Do you perform work in other countries?

Yes. Our data access is global and we constantly seek out unique data sources regardless of geographic boundaries. We are experienced interviewers who have conducted work in over 50 countries over the past 16 years.

Do you sub-contract your work?

The short answer is no when it comes to the analysis and report writing aspects of the business. We maintain oversight over all aspects of the research, analysis and report delivery. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards over the data we capture and the analysis and report writing that we conduct on our clients’ behalf. However, if we have the need to access experts in foreign countries where there is a language barrier, we will rely on experienced researchers who are in country to conduct these interviews on our behalf. We typically do this through our partner companies in regions of the world where we do not have an on-the-ground presence. These partner companies have the global reach and resources necessary to conduct these interviews and we rely on them when we feel they will add the depth and appropriate context for the research required.

Will you work on retainer?

The short answer is yes. We can do custom, one-time engagements or provide clients an ongoing ability to run reports and access the analysis by signing up for annual retainer. If you are interested in having ongoing access to the system and reports, please contact us to discuss.