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Big Data

Customized access to millions of globally-sourced data records.

Big Data

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CHN Analytics has developed a next-generation technology landscaping tool that leverages hundreds of millions of bits of data from well-respected data sources and uses proprietary algorithms to predict emerging technologies in specific markets. It starts with linking together related companies, researchers and technologies to help our clients understand who is driving innovation in a particular field.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate access to the most relevant & important IP in your field
  • Reduces investment risk and time-to-market for new products and process developments
  • Access to the foremost companies & technology experts as ranked by their real-world contributions
  • Algorithms using natural language programming means product is constantly getting smarter
  • Visualizing over 55 key market-based variables

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We start each and every engagement by scouring publicly available secondary data sources to identify as much information as possible on the market and the competitors of interest to our clients. Once we have exhausted that process, we then initiate inquiries through our proprietary CHN Analytics tool to understand the scope and boundaries of the technical elements of the market. This combined effort produces a list of industry experts ranked by our internal ranking system that we engage to address questions of specific interest to our clients.

We get access to these experts by sharing with them the overview of the big data report which has proven to be a powerful way to engage even the most sought after global experts. We believe this process gives our clients an advantage over many other CI firms who struggle to get the attention of these experts.

The tool uses open source, highly reputable scientific and business data to identify the relative value of people, technologies and organizations/companies involved in advanced R&D activities. We use proprietary algorithms to process, store, and visualize this vast data currently sitting in thousands of isolated silos. Ultimately, our algorithms identify critical technologies and the talent behind them to predict disruptive trends for specific businesses.