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About Us

Since 2001, CHN Analytics has provided exceptional service to our clients.

About Us

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CHN Analytics provides clients access to world class competitive intelligence services by leveraging the wide ranging industry expertise of experienced in-house researchers by giving access to one of the most sophisticated data mining and predictive analytic tools available on the market today. This combination of deep industry knowledge, coupled with the reach into over 100 million scientific and technical documents, creates a powerful and competitively differentiated solution for clients who are trying to make sense of where the next big disruption in the market will originate.

Five years in the making, Dr. Hughes has developed a predictive analytics tool that effectively can forecast industry trends in a manner that will put the user years ahead of its competitors. It consists of a database mining tool embedded with artificial intelligence capabilities and an incredibly sophisticated set of algorithms. This tool is able to capture and sift through the hundreds of millions of documents sourced from all over the world. Specific key words (technologies/competitors/industries) can be run through our data-processing tools, producing a custom data set that not only says where that technology/company/industry has been but also, where it is going.

Stephanie Hughes, Managing Partner

Stephanie has spent the bulk of her professional experience in the area of strategy and competitive intelligence. She is a tenured faculty member with an expertise in Competitive Strategy and has spent the past 16 years running CHN Analytics, a boutique competitive intelligence firm managing projects in the competitive and market intelligence areas on behalf of clients with global market portfolios. She has published articles in the areas of strategy, competitive intelligence and risk mitigation and is a serial entrepreneur having launched or co-founded 5 companies. Stephanie currently serves as an Associate Professor of Strategy at Northern Kentucky University. Stephanie received her BS in Marketing and an MBA in International Business from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.  She received her Ph.D. in International Business and Strategic Management at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Stephanie has published in the area of strategy, risk and competitive intelligence and a few of these works are outlined below:

Copies of CI Papers, Book Chapters & Presentations

Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, “Improving Strategic Planning and Implementation in Universities Through Competitive Intelligence Tools: A Means to Gaining Relevance”, Stephanie Hughes and Rebecca White.

Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management, “The Use of Competitive Intelligence in Professional Sports”, Stephanie Hughes and Fred Beasley.

Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, “Competitive Intelligence in Higher Education”, Stephanie Hughes and Rebecca White, (Distinguished Research Award).

Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management, “Competitive Intelligence, Strategy and Firm Performance”, Stephanie Hughes.

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professional Regional Meeting, “Strategic Alliances as a Proxy for Competitive Intelligence: Empirical Data”, Stephanie Hughes.

Richard Hughes, Ph.D.

In his current role, he is co-Founder of CHN Analytics, a next generation technology landscaping process serving open innovation environments. Richard is currently Professor of Physics at The Ohio State University, where he has accumulated over 450 publications in the fields of experimental particle and astro-particle physics.  His background encompasses high speed digital electronics, field programmable gate array firmware, and the modeling and analysis of complex systems.  Richard has extensive expertise in data analytics, including the design and use of artificial neural networks for pattern recognition, as well as natural language and image processing, and a variety of deep learning applications.  Richard was co-leader of the Online Charged Particle Tracker at the CDF experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider in Batavia, IL, and the software leader of the Onboard Science Software currently in use on the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope. Richard is also a Fellow of the American Physical Society. Richard received his BS in Electrical Engineering in 1986 and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991.