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Great Intel Leads to Even Greater Performance

We bring clarity to your strategic options by uncovering the full breadth of your competitors' strategic and tactical market activities


Our Offerings

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Industry Reports

Want to know what technological trends are occurring with your industry? We identify the most relevant technologies within specific industries and identify the key companies, alliances and researchers so that our clients can identify the strategic technologies, partners and markets to focus on.

Competitor Reports

Want to know what your biggest competitors, and those who are just emerging, are up to? We provide a detailed assessment of a competitor’s technological portfolio to identify areas of investment and corresponding gaps in their offerings to give our clients an edge when competing for resources, partners and customers in the market.

Big Data Reports

Want to know what new industries can be tapped for future growth opportunities? We provide a detailed assessment of a particular topical area that provides coverage across vertical markets and find new applications, innovations, researchers and organizations that might otherwise not be identified because they exist outside of the client’s current market


Don’t know what questions to ask about the future of your company or industry? We offer companies a process for uncovering the right questions to ask to identify disruptive technologies long before anyone else in their industry is even aware of their existence. Our process involves a traditional ideation process combined with iterative modeling analyses and augmented with feedback from highly ranked and reputable market experts. These experts are identified using our refactoring process and represent the most relevant and experienced experts from across the globe.